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Kwik Kar – From the start

Mike Burbank
Nick DeSimone
Jason Otke

At 18 years of age friends Mike Burbank and Nick DeSimone set off in different directions. Following college Nick remained in Jefferson City and Mike headed to St. Louis. Nick began a career in banking, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs reach their goals and dreams. Tugging at the back of his mind was his own aspiration to own a business.

Destiny kept the two connected as Nick wed Mike’s sister. Mike’s career led him to buying privately held companies for his employer. Likewise, this work experience kept the desire to be a business owner in front of Mike.

The third member of the Kwik Kar ownership team, general contractor and real estate developer Jason Otke entered their lives. Mike joined Jason’s real estate development company and began traveling the Midwest developing, building and selling Kwik Kar facilities as turn-key businesses. Over time, Jason and Mike grew their support for the product they were selling; they also recognized a need for the business in Jefferson City.

The team evolved: Jason the contractor; Mike added financial and marketing expertise; and Nick took over operations. On August 17, 2006 Kwik Kar Wash & Detail opened on West Edgewood in Jefferson City. Devotion to excellence and a belief in teamwork has resulted in growth to four Kwik Kar locations employing 85 team members. Product quality and service are a number one priority.